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Barcelona is an exciting city, enjoyable and with all the necessary comforts for a good living. The high quality of life that this Mediterranean city offers is well known by the luxury property buyers and for that reason, Barcelona has experienced the largest increase in luxury property sales in the country since the financial crisis began due to the great conditions of purchase.

Same quality, better conditions

This increase in luxury property sales in Barcelona is mainly due to the readjustment of prices after the housing crisis. At least a good consequence brought by this crisis.

This doesn’t mean that nowadays the properties are offered at bargain prices. However, the buyer can purchase properties at market value, and with all the guarantees that the price corresponds with factors such as the property’s quality, size, terrain and construction zone. So now if we pay a million euros it’s because we are buying something that actually is worth a million euro.

A sector away from speculation

This price adjustment has been possible thanks to the professionals of the luxury property sector who ensure that quality and cost of the properties are fair. Specialized estate agents such as Lux Habitat, have in their professional team appraisers and consultants who ensure a right value of purchase.

Barcelona, a city to invest in luxury properties

An appetizing candy

The best showcase for luxury housing is undoubtedly Barcelona. The city itself is a good reason for buying. The luxury property buyers usually look for everything in the house of their dreams: it has to be central but quiet enough not to suffer traffic noise and too many tourists walking in front of the door, which is close to the sea and to the mountain at same time, with a good transport network and a long list of characteristics that can easily be found in Barcelona.

Neighborhoods like El Putxet, Turo Park, Bonanova… or adjacent towns and cities such as Sant Cugat, Sitges or any other in the Costa Brava are areas that meet the needs of these demanding buyers.

Barcelona, a city to invest in luxury properties

Excellent advice and treatment

Moreover, the normal buyer looks for a flat this way: he goes to an estate agency or particular, sees the property and decides if he wants to pay the agreed money or not. If not, he continues the search. A luxury real estate agency offers additional value, it’s not limited to showing and selling houses.

In Lux Habitat we don’t only show properties: we seek what the buyer wants. Our philosophy is “sale made, customer satisfied“, and therefore we won’t stop until you find the property you are looking for, ensure that it’s adequate, that won’t lose value over time and get a fair price for you.


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