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Lux Habitat - La immobiliaria de lujo en Barcelona

Lux Habitat

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    Luxury Real Estate Services

    In Lux Habitat you will find the luxury real estate services you need.

    Lux Habitat helps you in all the issues involved in the buying, selling or renting of luxury properties in Barcelona. Understanding our client’s needs is always our goal and the only way to provide personal advice with our Barcelona luxury real estate services.

    The fact that we are specialists in the management of luxury real estate properties requires the services we provide are also high quality ones. Professionalism, attention to detail, deep understanding of the needs of our customers and knowledge of the market in which we operate are the cornerstones of our customer service.

    Sell your luxury property in Barcelona

    If you need to sell your property, Lux Habitat offers you the best service to include your property in our database of luxury properties. We will recommend the best selling price according to our more than 20 year experience. We help you to sell your property, whether it is a house, an apartment, a villa, a penthouse or a mansion in Barcelona or Catalonia.

    Your property will be announced in the best sites and real estate networks specialized in luxury properties.  We will do our best to find the right client to buy your home.

    Rent your luxury property in Barcelona

    If you wish to rent your luxury property we can advise you and help finding a solvent tenant. We can also provide help in offering additional payment guarantees such as insurance policies.

    Buy a luxury property in Barcelona

    If you wish to buy a luxury property in Barcelona or in Costa Brava, you have come to the right place. Our properties portfolio includes some of the best houses and apartments in Barcelona and its surroundings, as well as Costa Brava’s prime locations, Sitges and the coast of Barcelona. You can choose to find it yourself browsing our site or telling us what you are looking for and we will do the job for you. Once we understand your needs we will propose a list of luxury properties for you to visit in Barcelona. When we came across the one you want we will take care of everything: contracts, documents, taxes and supplies.

    Relocation service in Barcelona

    In case of relocation to Barcelona, Lux Habitat will take care of you and your family. Once we know your requirements our welcome team will deal with all your needs, from helping find a school to advice in medical issues, everything you need in your first months in Barcelona, will be easy with our relocation service in Barcelona.

    Organizing the first steps in Barcelona

    Our professional real estate agents will organize your first steps in our city. From booking an accommodation for the client in his first trip to Barcelona, to prepare a roadmap to ensure you doesn’t waste your time and to get the most out of your visit.

    Arriving to Barcelona

    In this second step, the client is ready to move to Barcelona and the agent will give him all the services to make it easier: organize the arrival, give him the utilities, buying a phone SIM card, Internet…

    Upon requirement, our real estate agent will meet him at the airport, organize a tour around the city and explain the basic information that a new Barcelona citizen needs to know.

    The agent will assist with the residency permits, visas, opening bank accounts and so on. All the knowledge a local can offer to a foreign new citizen at your service.

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